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The Package
He will be completely surprised when he pulls a very romantic heart shaped pair of sexy red panties out of his black envelope. Who would send him such a thing? You have his complete attention!

The Message
What will he do when he reads his personal message from you printed on his very own gold card attached to the panties? Imagine the look on his face when he realizes he has a secret admirer! The best part is he has no idea this romantic gift is from YOU!!! The mystery is driving him wild.

The Tease
The message card tells him to go online for the rest of his personal message. He can't wait to find out who sent him the best gift he has ever received. Make sure you tell him anything you want...go ahead, tell him how you really feel. When he reads your private online message at sendapantygram.com, you are automatically sent an email letting you know your guy has opened his online message. This way, you'll know when to expect his call! He is bound never to forget this romantic gift experience or the one who sent it to him: YOU!

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She's Sexy. Playful. Exotic. These are the images you stir in your man when you send our little red heart-shaped panties with your own, personal enticing message.
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