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Are you single and wanting to turn the corner with the man in your life? Happily married for 25 years? Having a long-distance romance? Sending your man a pantygram message is the perfect romantic gift to rock his world. After all, we all know men only have one thing on their minds, right? So why not feed his imagination? Make his day, his month, or better yet his year! One thing is for sure - he won't forget this gift experience - or YOU! If you want to see what kind of results you can get by sending a pantygram message to your man, read some of these happy results...
Samantha, 25, Student, Miami, FL - Happy Valentine's Day
My "Anonymous Secret Admirer Card" Message:

Be my Valentine? Go online to see who has the hots for you.
My Online "Tell Him It's From Me" Message:

I sure know I want to be yours. Call me so we can make some plans to go out for Valentine's Day. Something tells me this is going to be LOTS of fun.

Be mine!

Your true love.
My Result:

He called. You can figure out the rest!

Kari, 27, Journalist, Atlanta, GA - His Birthday Package
Patty, 38, Teacher, Houston, TX - Single (and got his attention!)
Brenda, 27, Mom, Modesto, CA - It's his birthday
Debbie, 22, Student, Miami, FL - Valentine's Day Romantic
Julie, 32, Marketing Executive, Sacramento, CA - Happily married and still in love.
Karen, 23, College Student, Tacoma, WA - Tag! You're it!
Joan, 45, Sales, San Diego, CA - Married for 18 years. Happy Anniversary!
Sandi, 28, Flight Attendant, Portland, OR - Make the move!
Jan, 31, Mom, Auburn, CA - Married with 3 kids and still playing!
Carrie, 26, Communication, Bellingham, WA - Engaged
Dana, 31, CFO, Phoenix, AZ - Got him!
Shannon, 42, Real Estate, Chicago, IL - Remember Paris?
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She's Sexy. Playful. Exotic. These are the images you stir in your man when you send our little red heart-shaped panties with your own, personal enticing message.
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