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Bet he's never received a birthday gift like this! Better yet, send it a few weeks early and let him know you have a surprise for him this year for his birthday.

Imagine what he will think when he reads your personal and private message to him. Go ahead, be a little sexy, be a little romantic. We all know the one thing guys always have on there minds, so give him what he really wants this year for his birthday. A sexy romantic little message from the one he wants...YOU.

Go ahead, it's sexy, romantic and thousands of other women have already sent their men what they REALLY want.
Kari, 27, Journalist, Atlanta, GA - His Birthday Package
My "Anonymous Secret Admirer Card" Message:

Happy Birthday Dan.
Good things come in
small packages. Check
out the message I left
you online.
My Online "Tell Him It's From Me" Message:

I just wanted to give you an idea of what to expect for your birthday in a few weeks. Let me tell you it will be worth the wait and unwrapping the package will be the best part.Love you, Kari
My Result:

Dan now calls me his favorite little package!

Mara, 37, Sales, Sacramento, CA - He tells the world about me!
Brenda, 27, Mom, Modesto, CA - It's his birthday.

A Very Sexy Birthday Present Just for Him

Have you been searching high and low for sexy birthday ideas for the man you love? Are truly unique and romantic birthday gifts for men hard to find among the T-shirts, DVDs, and video games? The hopeless romantics at Sendapantygram.com know all about your problem and have come up with the perfect birthday gift for him. Give him what he's been hoping for with a Pantygram!

Our Pantygram is a very sexy birthday idea for the most important guy in your life. A little pair of red heart-shaped panties is packaged in a sleek black envelope (sealed with a kiss!) and is accompanied by your own personal message to the birthday boy. When he opens that envelope he'll know that this is going to be a birthday celebration to remember for years to come.

Your note directs him to a private web page for his eyes only where you can give him all the luscious details of what a Pantygram really means for the both of you. Look no further ladies—Pantygrams make great birthday gifts for men of all ages, occupations, and inclinations. It's your way of telling him that you are ready to celebrate his birthday in style.

Check out our sample Pantygram messages to get the ideas flowing for your birthday message. Make it sweet, romantic, or daringly erotic—you're the one who knows him best. This is the answer for the man who has everything. Pantygrams make sexy birthday gifts or anytime romantic gift ideas for boyfriends, husbands, or any special man in your life. Bring him breakfast in bed served up with a Pantygram and a smile. Let him know this is his special day to enjoy. We know you'll both be glad you did.
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She's Sexy. Playful. Exotic. These are the images you stir in your man when you send our little red heart-shaped panties with your own, personal enticing message.
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