Leonard’s Birthday Gift

“So what are you going to give Leonard for his birthday?” Her bridge party pals were prodding her again. At that “somewhere-over-the-hillish” side of life she was a free woman—widowed and living unencumbered for the very first time. She’d met Leonard at a ballroom dance class. He literally swept her off her feet. 

“Some wise, older woman once said to me,” Alice slyly smiled over the deck of cards, “…one should live your life like a loose garment…and so I am.” Jacqueline put down her glass of wine. “…and so you are WHAT?” she stared her friend down as if burning a bug with her eyes. “I’m being a carefree, somewhat loose woman…and I sent him something I would have NEVER sent to my sweet Abe, bless his dearly departed soul.” “WHAT’S THAT?” the entire bridge group shouted in unison. “…a Pantygram. In fact, this very minute he should be opening the envelope I mailed to him and inside…” she teased the moment with the perfect amount of drama… “…the little envelope he’ll find the tiniest, sexiest, laciest, most bright red pair of panties in the world. And there’s a card inside directing him to what I have planned to do with those panties if he so chooses to find me. He gets the message online on his computer.” All mouths were completely agape. The bridge group was rendered speechless. Alice smirked and turned to Sally. “Cut for me?” “Pass…” Sally gasped. “Meaning…I think I’m going to pass out.” And she did.

Tuesday, January 26th, 2010

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