George’s Signs

George was a man who believed in signs. A red-tailed hawk soaring above him on his right side could be a warning of some sort. A certain ache in his knee foretelling a shift in the weather…or his pet canary suddenly going silent—always a sign of negative energy about to hit.

So it was that George sat in his cubicle with everything arranged in anal-order of perfection—color-coordinated pens, paper, and miniature trilobite fossil collection neatly arranged just so. Coffee poured into his favorite teal blue dinosaur mug at exactly 8:31 a.m.—the steam hitting his thick glasses covering them into an instant fog. Last night’s memo was already online listing the daily schedule. All was precise. Nothing veered from the unusual. George lived and worked within the lines. “Wouldn’t it be nice,” he thought with a weary sigh, “if I could just once receive a sign that showed me things were changing…that maybe something would shake my world and land me in a place that was sexy. Exciting. Maybe even a bit risqué?” Yes, he smiled to himself. Naughty would indeed be nice.


And as if the Heavens answered his silent plea, Ruby Lee in Accounting decided to rock George’s world. Tired of living inside the lines, too, and longing for George to notice her just once behind his sequestered section at the far end of Lap Top Row, Ruby sent him a—a little “somethin’-somethin’” in an envelope marked Confidential. Staring at it in amazement, he gingerly took out his Stegosaurus envelope opener and zip! There on his desk lay the prettiest pair of naughty-but-nice red lacy panties. The enclosed card directed him to adventures waaaay beyond his imagination, never guessing that as far as Ruby in Accounting was concerned, George’s boring days were very much numbered. The countdown to playful and sassy and take-off-those-damned-thick-glasses had definitely just begun…

Tuesday, January 26th, 2010

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