Cinderella Cindy Part 3

The moon was huge. Its light so loud and bright in the sky it seemed like the whole world was up and dancing under it. The city was definitely not asleep. Pulsing music roared out from every open door and window. The booming thrum-beat of rap shook inside every passing car. TestosteROCK `n roll. Yeh, baby. Do it, do it good. His taxi screeched right in front of Big Daddy’s and he leaped out, his eyes doing a quick panorama-scan of the moonlit setting where Cindy promised she’d appear.


Little People hip-hopped around a park bench covered with candles and cakes. A 7-foot unicyclist pedaled by and handed him a balloon. And walking into this bizarre setting she appeared as if in a dream—Cindy. “I see you brought the panties,” she beamed. He melted. What was it about her that made him—a seasoned heart-breaker—simply melt? The clock in the tower began to chime its way to midnight. “You made it just in time,” she said into the back of his neck. “Or what?” he whispered. “You turn into a pumpkin?” “Or, we wouldn’t have time to turn into my bed…I’ve got two very over-protective sisters who happen to be kick-boxing champions. They’re at a competition until tomorrow. Let’s go, Prince Charming…” “What about this pint-size party?” he said pointing to the Little People romp around the park. “They’re my friends. It’s Gizla’s birthday,” she said waving to a three-foot, purple-haired, head-to-toe tattooed table dancer. “What are we going to do with these little red Pantygram panties,” he laughed as she pushed him into her car. “Use your imagination, Princey. The real party’s about to begin. Hang-on.” And as the clock rang out the twelve-o-clock hour, the two took off for an amazing happy ending…


Tuesday, January 26th, 2010

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